Hi, my name is Liz.

I currently live in Seattle with my cat Pixel. I’m an editor by trade and a writer because I can’t not be. (Double negative, I know, but it’s how I wanted to say it. I break editing rules for voice.)

My Instagram feed (above) is a personal look into my life. I’m not trying to sell anything. Or am I? I suppose we’re all trying to sell ourselves, in a way.

A few things about me:

  • I stay up too late and I get up too early most of the time. I read a study somewhere that says people like me (those with a night owl/early bird combination) are geniuses. I would posit we are tired geniuses, if we are geniuses at all.

  • I’m a slow reader. I digest words with a yellow highlighter in hand. Always yellow.

  • I also always have a tattoo appointment on my calendar. Some would say it’s an addiction. To those I would shrug and say, “Okay.”

  • In an ideal world, there would be more naps. And I would take them. (Tired genius over here.)

  • I’m an egg-eating vegetarian and I drink coffee, not tea; whiskey, not scotch.

  • I work at Starbucks Corporate by day, and write … by day, and night, and all times in between.

  • And I can help you write stuff.