All in Memories

The rumors of misinformation are one thing, but rumors about what we do or don't believe are simply a waste. Why does it matter? What if we don't believe in God anymore? The rumor stops there, and you have to decide if you care that much about something as personal as our beliefs. And then what?

As I separate what I know and what I believe, I find myself torn in regards to the expressions of the religion I was brought up in. I want to believe there is goodness to be found in adhering to rules and standards; following the book, the "letter of the law" so to speak. I want to believe I was raised with some semblance of truth.

Coming back to a place I've left always does this to me. If I want to remember my childhood, I go to Texas; my teenage years, Alaska; my twenties, Washington; and so far, Oregon for my thirties. But I've never moved back to a place where my memories are so thick and retrievable.