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I've changed my mind about money.

It wasn't until this year that I realized my limited beliefs about money.

"With every attitude, we demonstrate faith - either faith in what can go wrong or faith in what can go right. Our problem is that we tend to have tremendous faith in the power of our disasters and far too little faith in the power of miracles."
Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

I used to think never having enough money was respectable. The honorable thing was to have just enough to pay the bills with some spending money left over, but never too much for "extravagant" living. We could have nice things, but not too nice.

As a pastor's wife in church ministry, I learned it's better to give than receive - especially when it came to money. After all, you can't take it with you! It was even expressed in a passing conversation that we - the church staff - shouldn't need life insurance or a retirement fund. "We'd take care of each other" because that was really "being the church".

How? I wondered. None of us have any money.

"Spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write a new one."
The Law of Divine Compensation

I've changed my mind about money.

Whether or not I was taught directly or subconsciously, I am a saver. I like to have a certain dollar amount in our bank account at all times. Instead of being thankful for what we have, however, I've opted to worry about losing it; and I even feel guilty for what we have because part of me thinks it's not okay for us to have it.

Beginning October of 2015, my husband and I existed on a single salary for a full year. I exhausted myself with worry, and it transferred to Mat. On any given day, one or both of us were worried about our finances when there was no need.

"Putting love first means knowing who you are and that you're entitled to miracles. Our internal abundance is ultimately the source of our external abundance. Who we are, not just the services we provide, creates money."
The Law of Divine Compensation

We began to wonder what it would look like to love money.

Celebrating Pennies

My friend and coach, Bri Seeley, has taught me - during my year of intentional, intense discovery - to celebrate every single penny, "The universe doesn't know the difference between a penny or a million pennies. All it knows is that you're open to receiving abundance in the form of money. And when you receive with gratefulness, the universe will absolutely send more your way."

Mat and I began to practice. Every penny we'd find we'd give an audible thanks and nod to "above", and we treated each penny as if it was everything. Let me tell you, it worked. It keeps working.

Every day, in my Five-Minute Journal, I began writing the same affirmation, "I make $50k+/year doing a job I enjoy that supports who I am by encouraging me to be myself." I stopped marrying myself to the idea that wanting to make a certain amount of money was wrong, and I stopped applying for positions that wouldn't let me wear jeans or show my tattoos. Last week I was offered the exact job I was looking for, and I accepted. This week, when I inquired about dress code, I was told, "Just be you." It keeps getting better.

There is nothing wrong with desiring money, and I'm no longer fearful of the money we have. Abundance comes in many forms, not just financial, and giving is just as important as receiving. Along with learning to receive money with gratitude, I've learned to accept compliments, allow someone to open a door for me, appreciate the gesture of a gift. When I am given to, and I receive with thanks, I then give from my heart. It's a beautiful cycle. It's love. And it's me being myself.

I'm going to save and celebrate - with life insurance and a retirement fund - and allow money to be a resource to create the life of experience Mat and I desire. 

"Your natural state is external prosperity because your internal state is spiritually prosperous. By external prosperity, I don't necessarily mean great wealth as the world defines it, but a level of material sustenance that does not include lack or fear.

"Do something not because you think it might make money; do it because it makes your heart sing. The biblical injunction 'Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you' means 'Embrace the realization of your oneness with all things, and everything that could contribute to your good will emerge from the power of that thought.'

"Money comes from the universe and will arrive when it's created, not just by a material cause but by the energy of righteousness. Righteousness means 'right use' of the mind and the only right use of the mind is love."
The Law of Divine Compensation

I've changed my mind about being good.

I've changed my mind about stuff.