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I've changed my mind about The Universe.

I used to believe the Universe was just something to observe, to look up at. Now, I understand the Universe as something to be interacted with. After all, if I believe God is Creator of All Things, then I deduce that the Universe and I have a lot in common.

"The Universe is set up to work on your behalf."
Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

I've changed my mind about the Universe.

As most young girls do, I played MASH and dreamed about what my life was going to be like as an adult: who I would marry, where I would live, what kind of car I'd drive, how many children - I mean pets - I'd have. I thought it was just a game, but it subconsciously taught me to set my intentions to create the life I wanted, and it's a game I started playing again this year through future-self visualizations.

As an adult, I stopped allowing myself to dream about the life I wanted. I just decided this is it. Every so often I'd risk a change but I always sought out comfort in the process and settled back into the belief that I'd never fully experience the life I wanted.

"And, when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
The Alchemist

In January I began my journey, seeking God outside of religion, and have been met with hesitation and warnings. Believing in the powers of the Universe is "New Age", I've been told. It's strange. And yet, all the years I spent believing in a man who claimed to be God and died a gruesome death on a cross for my sins only to be resurrected and ascend into the sky is not strange? Having a spirit guide is weird - but the Holy Spirit of the bible, is it not meant to be a spirit guide?

I'm beginning to recognize that God is not limited in his interaction with us. If I am to believe he is the creator of all things, then the very fibers of my being are connected to all of creation - to the Universe. So there is no end to how God will communicate, be it through the bible, astrology, nature, numerology, prayer, religious traditions, spirit guides, meditation, dreams, energy, manifestation. The list is endless. When I am committed to creative living, from my heart, I am myself - and being myself is all I believe God wants.

Being myself means I get to choose the life I want to live, and how I want to interact with God/the Universe. 

I am my future self.

Meeting my future self through a guided visualization changed my mind about the power I have to live the life I want. I practice manifestation, I pray and meditate, I set my intentions and am learning how to maintain a higher frequency. I focus on gratitude, being thankful for what I have so that I can be trusted with what I want - what I need. I am committed to being myself and I explore my personality through assessments and astrology and I find truth about who I am. I accept God is orchestrating all of the Universe to connect with me - in whatever way I'll pay attention to. I am assured of my direction when I see the number 22 or 222. 

Looking up at the stars, I am reminded to dream. I am reminded that who I am in this moment is not who I will be tomorrow. My spiritual growth is unending, my understanding of self, clearer with honesty and commitment to being.

Looking up, I am reminded it's okay for me to have the life I want.

"One really could do anything one had decided to do, ... one really could act to change and control one's life; and the procedure, the process, was its own reward."
Robyn Davidson, TRACKS

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