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Bri Seeley

I met Bri through a mutual friend. I was drawn to her for many reasons, two being that she wrote frequently for The Huffington Post (another writer!) and also doesn't want children (by choice!). On a quick trip to Washington last December she graciously agreed to meet up with me for a chat. At first, I didn't know why I wanted to chat with her so badly, other than to say face-to-face - instead of via the interwebs - "Me too!" But as we talked writing and relationships and emotions, I felt a close connection to her. I was instantly sad she resides in California.

Weeks later I found myself unable to voice the words to express some of my emotions. I'd been writing mostly about how my husband and I were done with the church and I was growing tired of the pleading responses to basically just get over ourselves and go anyway. And I was turned off by all the Christian self-help book recommendations. I was considering therapy when Bri posted about The Group Sessions on Facebook. I texted her telling her I was re-discovering my beliefs, separating myself from my Christian roots (at least for the time being), but desperately needed something more than a book offering to survive the possibly painful unraveling of my faith. I needed tangible practices I could do on my own from someone without a hidden agenda; someone who wanted to help me lean into my own uncomfortable truths and love them back to life. Again, she agreed to chat more in length and after a phone call with her, The Discovery Project was birthed. And I felt like I could breathe.

Bri has felt like a friend I've known for a really long time that I only just met. I get how nonsensical that sounds, but if you've ever experienced it then you know exactly what I mean. I'm honored to share her Discovery Process. Learn more about what Bri does here.

Responses by Bri Seeley

What do you believe?

I believe in a vast, expansive, supportive Universal energy. I don't care what people call it - God, Allah, Buddha, Universe, Spirit - to me it's all the same. 

How did you discover your beliefs?

I discovered my beliefs through deep connection to myself and continued reinforcement from the Universe. It started as small openings - invitations to meditate, spiritual gifts from friends, hearing and reading about spirituality and Universal Laws. It was almost as if I was dipping my toes into a pool (which, now looking at it is totally how I approach life in general). Little by little I stepped further in - enrolled in classes and retreats, explored the energies within myself and the Earth through movement, developed a self care routine, began to understand forgiveness, released my intensely masculine energy and allowed my femininity to take charge. And then one day I looked up and was typing it all out for a friend realizing how far I've come in the last seven years of life.

How do you interact with your beliefs?

I interact with the Universe in every moment of every day. Or at least I try. I definitely set aside three hours every morning to connect with the Universe. It looks like a mix of meditation, dance parties, visualization, reading, yoga, walks, kitty time, coloring, and more. It all just depends on the day and what is calling me to connect with the Universe that morning. 

What do you do when you doubt your beliefs?

I go into meditation, or cry, or call a good friend. But usually it's when I find access to that deep inner knowing again that I stop doubting and am able to move forward again.

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I made it out.

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