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We are in the process of losing our religion. [Part 1]


A month ago, a reader introduced me to a podcast called Losing Our Religion, created and hosted by former mega-church youth pastor Zac Gandara. "It's so good," she said, "You should totally be on it."

In my opinion, Zac cannot produce the show fast enough. I'm not heavy into podcasts - unless I'm driving long distances and have the space to sit still and be quiet for hours on end - but I admit, I'm intrigued with each guest, and I learn something every time, whether I expect to or not.

"I'm not even worried about my salvation anymore."
Zac Gandara

I reached out to Zac via Facebook messaging with zero intention of asking to be a guest on his show, not wanting to be presumptuous and assume I had anything to offer his listeners. I quickly learned it is possible to feel socially awkward online. I felt like a self-promoting ass, "Hi! I love what you're doing! Here are a million links to what I'm doing! Look at me! Look at me!"

Thankfully, I didn't come across as bad as I thought I did and he wrote back inviting my husband and I to be guests on Losing Our Religion. Without hesitation, I said yes.

Listen to Part 1 of our conversation with Zac!

Mat and I met with Zac in his Seattle apartment, and within 20 minutes were recording our conversation. We drank whiskey together, talked about how Mat and I are surviving life after church and ministry, and realized we all believe it's the journey to inclusiveness where salvation is ultimately achieved.

We had such a great time together we had to separate the show into two parts.

If you are sensitive to swearing, this is your warning - but if you can tune it out, you might find a piece of yourself inside our conversation.

Part 2 is available now!


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