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The day after we quit ministry, we hit the road for an undetermined amount of time and, unbeknownst to me, a chasm as vast as the Grand Canyon began to grow between what I believed and what the church had always taught me to believe. I didn't fall into it, I jumped into it.

Everything we are doing - the mundane work to pay the bills paired with the risks of business ownership and creative writing with the intent to publish - is to get us back to life on the road, in a constant state of travel. I'm learning that the plan sometimes requires stillness and dedication, where risky meets routine dressed in slacks and button-ups, so you can achieve a shared goal.

Coming back to a place I've left always does this to me. If I want to remember my childhood, I go to Texas; my teenage years, Alaska; my twenties, Washington; and so far, Oregon for my thirties. But I've never moved back to a place where my memories are so thick and retrievable.