I believe in the power of the Universe that lives inside of us, and our undeniable oneness. I believe that we work every day to believe in our true power so that we can create what we really want in this lifetime, and that we have more to learn in the next. We're sentient beings creating and sharing energy, learning the ropes on how to make shifts so that energy stays high without being draining. 

I believe in God, in all of His perfect forms: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Healer, Grace-Giver, Loving and Kind, All-Knowing, and always real, even when I don’t understand completely. Believing and understanding are not the same thing. Belief can be a choice, while understanding is a process.

I don't doubt my beliefs, other people do. They feel I need to pray as they pray, seek confirmation the way they do. When I was younger, I may have done things their way and came to the same conclusion I would have come if I just stopped and listened to my heart and looked at the facts of the situation versus where I wanted to be in life.

My writing has all but stopped while I've tended to this sinus infection. I haven't been able to think clearly. I haven't been able to keep up with my daily practices of meditation, self-reflection, and my gratitude journal has sat untouched, gathering dust. I've forgotten what being healthy feels like. I miss exercising.

I struggle with it, the word itself and its concept. It has always felt like fluff, a way to distract myself with "good" feelings for a moment. Hope feels external, non-committal, like a wishing of something instead of the doing of whatever needs to be done to attain that something. Where is the accountability, the intentionality behind hope?