Once upon a time, I wanted to write a book about seeking God outside of religion. So I invited friends and strangers (listed below) to share their own discovery process of faith, God, spirituality, religion, etc. 

Featured Guests:

  • Jason Gurley, Author/Brother
    "I believe it to be extraordinarily unlikely that there is a god."
  • Clara Hinton
    "Being a preacher's wife for 35 years and finding out he was a child molester about did me in."
  • Bri Seeley, Inspirational Woman
    "I don't care what people call it - God, Allah, Buddha, Universe, Spirit - to me it's all the same."
  • John Williamson of The Deconstructionists Podcast
    "I believe that when speaking about God - who transcends space and time - human language inevitably falls short."
  • Shawna Anderson
    "I believe that God loves us without qualifiers, without us even believing in return."
  • Carmen Melton
    "The more I discover, the more I realize just how much is unknowable about God."
  • Sarah Malcangi
    "I don't doubt that God is real or that Jesus really did die for my sins. More of my doubt is about what God is doing in my life."
  • Aimee Halfpenny of Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It
    "I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual life. When I was single, I used to tell people that my retirement plan was to become a nun."
  • Nikki Kapic
    "I don't know how to respond to this because I don't think anyone's ever asked me, or I've never really thought about it."
  • Claire Barrett
    "I don’t believe in any religion. I’ve been an atheist for as long as I can remember. I love science and logic and reason."
  • Zac Gandara of Losing Our Religion
    "Due to my past experiences as a pastor in an American megachurch, I've become weary, cynical, and often untrusting of corporate structures."
  • Leah Janzen
    "I’ve grown up with the mindset that belief and religion go hand-in-hand; that when you believe one thing, you have to believe the whole thing."
  • Alissa BC of Doubters Anonymous
    "We came from the same faith community but hadn't known we were all struggling with the same things."
  • Rebekah Gilbert, Singer/Songwriter
    "I don’t know if my best life is now or after I die, so I’m learning to treat each moment as precious and extraordinary."
  • Sarah Sellman, Film Director/Producer and Screenwriter
    "I believe that religion and science and premonition are different words for the same thing."
  • Candace King
    "God is not responsible for whether our lives are good or bad, whether we live to the fullest or exist in a life of drudgery."
  • Becky Hastings
    "I believe in God, and all that He is in the Bible, while I work out my understanding of who He is in my life and the world."
  • Mi-Ri Harris
    "I believe in the power of the Universe that lives inside of us, and our undeniable oneness."
  • Tristan Donofrio
    " I came to the conclusion that there was no real substance behind what they were asking me to believe."
  • Jerry Lopez 
    "I’m willing to let go of everything inside of me that fights against believing in something I cannot prove."
  • Melody Dowlearn
    "Beliefs aren't something I do, they are something I continually become."
  • Sandra Labo
    "I believe in human energy, and that it is not constrained to our bodies."
  • Chris Singleheart
    "The hardest thing to remember is to listen to God's Word, not necessarily the messages of North American Christianity."
  • Chelsea Cooper
    "I was looking for a place where I could be around like-minded people and come together in an organized way to do good in the world."
  • Leigh Baldridge
    "I changed as a person when, while in a relationship with a woman, people openly disagreed with me, with who I am."
  • Mat von Ehrenkrook, Husband
    "I think people change their beliefs because of trust, but the absence of trust or the loss of trust can also result in a paradigm shift."